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District Projects and Capital Master Plan


Current Projects

The following water main replacement project is complete:

On Longhorn St. between S. Sheridan Blvd. and Sunset Dr. - This project replaced 941 feet of 10" cast iron pipe with 8" PVC at a projected cost of $342,481.

There have been no water main failures on this segment of main. However, based on previous events in this vicinity a potential failure exposes several properties to significant property damage. This project is proposed to be placed in the existing asphalt as to reduce disruption of customer’s private property and landscape.

Based on criteria for determining the need for water main replacements in the Bow Mar Water and Sanitation District, and pursuant to an extensive review of all remaining unprotected cast iron pipe water mains not yet replaced, six water main replacement projects are proposed through 2037. 

The total capital improvement costs for the proposed water main replacement projects equals $3,547,374. For financial planning purposes, the replacements are scheduled to begin in 2022 and then occur every third year thereafter.

Water replacement map on Longhorn